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Community Home Solutions has recently received a Project Reinvest: Financial Capability grant from Neighborworks America through HomeFreeUSA. This grant supports organizations that provide financial capability counseling and coaching services that will help individuals and families stabilize their finances, rebuild credit and establish savings.


Financial capability refers to the ability to manage personal financial resources effectively, based on knowledge, skills, and access to financial products and services. To achieve this, CHS will provide regular, client-driven one-on-one sessions with a client to develop his/her financial goals, action plans, and to facilitate the necessary behavior changes to meet those goals.

Another goal is to help current homeowners become better financially capable by learning how to cover monthly expenses with income and expenditures tracking, planning ahead to save for the future, selecting and managing financial products and services. This is so that the homeowner can gain and exercise financial knowledge.

Our HUD-certified counselors also host home buyers' workshops using NeighborWorks America's course called "Realizing the American Dream." This two-day workshop provides participants with an overview of everything they need to know about the home buying process. This curriculum features six complete financial education modules:


  • Are you ready to buy a house

  • Managing your money

  • Understanding credit

  • Obtaining a mortgage loan

  • Shopping for a home

  • Protecting your investment


The goal of these Financial Literacy Educational Workshops is to provide a better understanding of asset management to ensure a more secure financial future.

The students will receive a certificate of completion upon completion of the course.

Community Home Solutions is a HUD-certified 501(c)(3) non-profit agency.

Our mission is to provide
opportunities for people to
live in safe, affordable
housing and to reduce the
risk of homelessness for
families who are
financial difficulties.

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