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This website is for information only. We take every precaution to protect our clients' privacy and confidentiality.

Community Home Solutions provides foreclosure prevention counseling in order to reduce the risk of homelessness. We guide homeowners through the complex pre-foreclosure loan modification process, and also provide post-foreclosure counseling which includes rental counseling and/or homeless counseling and assistance finding shelter.


Community Home Solutions also seeks to educate more clients through the "Financial Fitness and Home Buyers Workshop", educational programs offered to the public in search of further educating themselves on budgeting and other topics related to affordable home ownership. We will offer these seminars in any local office, in their community, or in business work centers.


Reverse Mortgage counseling can be helpful to homeowners who want to stay in their homes but are having trouble keeping up with their mortgage payments, or who have no other source of funds to pay bills or meet unexpected expenses.

Each HUD-certified counselor has an individual, private office area to offer our clients face-to-face counseling. Our office is located off a main road and is handicap accessible inside and out.

In the event of a non-English speaker is in need of Community Home Solutions' services, our staff will strive to assist the client through the interpretive services of the client’s friend or family member. If that is not possible, we have a Personal Interpreter Service account with LanguageLine. This is an on-call service where we can call in and have a real-time interpreter assist us communicate with the client. This service is provided at no charge to the client.

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Community Home Solutions is a HUD-certified 501(c)(3) non-profit agency.

Our mission is to provide
opportunities for people to
live in safe, affordable
housing and to reduce the
risk of homelessness for
families who are
financial difficulties.

14 New Zealand Rd
Seabrook, NH 03874

phone (603) 474-7449
fax (855) 893-6615

'The Beacon of  light that guides you through troubled waters'

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